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Juuka, FI

About the project

Ice is a well-known material, but as a building material it’s quite uncommon. After building world’s largest (Pykrete Dome) and the highest (Sagrada Familia in Ice) ice-domes the goal of this new ice-project is again to investigate how far we can go with ice as a building material.

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Latest News: Last preparation days!

15 Dec, 2015 We've transported all our stuff to Eindhoven, to load the Transfennica container next Friday. Our big 1600 kg inflatable was a bit hard to handle,…

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Ice Builders

The Ice-projects started at Eindhoven University of Technology were always led by students, under supervision of Arno Pronk. This year Roel and Thijs will be the new foreman for the ice projects next winter, this project will be the main objective of their master thesis.

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Help us build a world record

For the ice-projects we’re working with the Structural Ice Association. Everyone who’s contributing to the project will be a member of this association. Everyone who likes our project can become a member, or can volunteer to help us constructing the ice-bridge on site, during winter 2016.

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