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Juuka, FI


Building with ice can be a hard job! We’re trying to improve our whole construction system. This year for the first time we’ll have an almost fully automatic mixing system. Last year’s we had a lot of trouble with freezing hoses and nozzles, frozen people and stucked pumps. We’ve tried to discard all those problems with arranging better equipment. We’ve to keep the system running all day long (24/7) to prevent everything from freezing. You will be instructed on site about how to work with everything, and keep in mind; Safety First!

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In addition to your working tasks it is of course possible to organize all kinds of activities, for example a snowmobile or husky trip. For those who just want to warm up after the hard labour, Finland has a lot of saunas. For the real vikings among us, it is also possible to go ice fishing or dive into the water by making a hole in the ice (after sauna of course). A visit to a Finnish hunting lodge where you can prepare your own food is not to be missed. Don’t forget to visit Koli, with the beautiful view over Karelia and his awesome ski- and wellness resort.

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